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Cindy Chen

U X  D E S I G N E R


01 About

Hi, I'm Cindy, a User Experience Designer from Dutchland based in London,
nice to meet you!
I'm currently working on my portfolio and should be back online early May.


02 Portfolio

See below for examples of my most recent work.
Stay Nimble
Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 10.28.21.png

Stay Nimble

User onboarding for a Career Coach platform

A client design sprint of 2.5 weeks to user test, design and iterate
Stay Nimble's newly released MVP.
In a team of four, we re-designed the homepage and created a sign-up and onboarding process to improve the overall user journey for subscribers.  


Coming Soon

Team Up 

a Social network product
for Time Out

A 2-week concept project to discover & design a new way of engaging Time Out readers in London, whilst leveraging existing content to create a social network for individuals and groups to plan
and meet up.

Coming Soon
Time Out


a Mobile interior design app

An interactive prototype of
a conceptual mobile app that 
helps users to redecorate their living space, researched &
designed in a 2-week sprint.

Coming Soon
MiCasa | Mobile App

Polaris Books

an E-commerce website

A mid-fi prototype for an online bookshop, who wished to create a community experience in line with the local brand identity, researched & designed during a 2-week sprint. 

Coming Soon

03 Contact

Thanks for dropping by!
If you would like to chat or just say hi
feel free to send me a message or connect

on LinkedIn

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