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Hi, and welcome 👋🏽

I am Cindy, a Zurich-based UX designer at originally from the land of cheese and windmills🇳🇱..  I am happiest during my day job when I can feed my natural curiosity by chatting with users uncovering any friction points to solve, collaborating in an open, supportive & transparent environment, and facilitating stakeholder design workshops.

To me, UX is about humanising technology. I believe that by creating simple, inclusive, and intuitive design experiences that answer user needs can improve the quality of people's lives. Or at least their mood in that moment.
In a past life, I worked in the digital performance marketing industry where I honed my quantitative data analysis skills and before that I ran my own wholesale company, making me aware and understand what it takes to run a profitable business. Both experiences influence how I problem solve and create design solutions that are not just desirable (users), but also viable (business) and feasible (tech)

In my spare time, [before the pandemic] you'd use to find me at industry events, attempting to complete various design & non-design-related courses, traveling to eat, and riding my longboard around east London.

Thanks for stopping by. 

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