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My journey into UX

To me, UX is about humanizing technology. I believe that by creating inclusive, accessible, easy and intuitive design experiences that answers to user needs can improve the quality of people's lives. I am beyond excited and consider myself lucky to have been able to take the leap and transition from digital marketing and customer success into UX!

Illustrated here you see my roughly 9-year career journey to date, slowly but steadily nurturing my passion for UX.


Once upon a time, I interned at Walt Disney Florida, US where I experienced the power of storytelling quite literally and learned about delivering personalised customer experiences.


I graduated in Rotterdam, NL where I studied International Business and Marketing and learned about consumer

behaviour, market research and psychology.


My curiosity led me to travel solo for half a year. Having never been to Asia before nor had I travelled by myself this proved to have a lasting impact on me. 'Outside-my-comfort-zone' was pretty much like a constant state of being, also it was during this time I became a massive foodie. 🍜


Then in 2010 I took up an opportunity to move to London, by joining a family wholesale fashion business as one of the co-founders. Being the general manager, i.e., jack-of-all-trades I had to learn how to creatively problem solve pronto.


After 5 years I moved on and started working for digital marketing software providers/agencies who tracked online customer journeys. As an account manager, I analysed data to present optimisation solutions to e-commerce clients.


Staying in the same industry but now as a Customer Success Manager, I was project managing internal product, integrations and customer support teams. Here I learned about product, user research and facilitating workshops for my portfolio of travel, retail, and service subscription based clients.


Being introduced to UX and Product, I was instantly curious to know and learn more. All of the sudden I felt like I had this renewed energy and after extensive research, meetups and workshops I decided to quit my job and join General Assembly  for 3 months in 2018 to take the fulltime UX immersive course and practice design thinking.


How to make live

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'Make Time:
How to Focus on what Matters Every Day

by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky


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Find me volunteering at UXPA's next monthly event in London!